Freelance Worker Needed (responsible for their own tax
and NIC)
9hrs a week, over 2 to 3 days (varied between Wednesday afternoon,
Friday morning or some evening work and 1 Saturday a month)
£10.00 per hour
Initially for Six Months (likely to be extended)

The Trustee will be a member of YREN’s management
committee and assume collective responsibility for the
management of the organisation. In order to carry out your
responsibilities as a Trustee you should be:
• Passionate, committed to and supportive of the purpose,
values and ethics of YREN.
• Professional, enthusiastic, and dependable
• Able to work effectively as a team whilst maintaining
• Work towards ensuring the financial stability and future
sustainability of the organisation
• Ensure that the organisation applies its resources
exclusively in perusing its stated objectives.
• Understand the importance and purpose of meetings and
be committed to preparing for them adequately and
attending them regularly.
• Lead, participate and attend sub-committee meetings as
• Safeguard the good name and values of the organisation.